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Overview of ECDHUB and see how it helps boost over 272% cognitive development in kids 

Over 100+ best handpicked teachers along with 70+ cartoon animation artist making everyday innovative early childhood content week-wise, age wise and 20+ subject wise. Yes, we are not limited to STEM but one step ahead with rich content for kids age up to 8 years and now additionally for parents and teachers all inclusive. Platform includes everything from learning videos, lessons, quizzes, mini games along with certification and badges.


Get Started With Your Learning Journey by Age Group & 20+ ECD Subjects - Go With the Flow Everyday Content

With over 100+ Certified ECD experts uploading content daily for your child to have perfect designed track and 20+ subject broadening the horizon handpicking right content. Get certificate issued per Weekly and Monthly motivating your child to have a perfect roadmap!

Get Certificates & Completion Badges as they progress!

Boost your child’s credentials- Getting them towards the finishing line in a way they enjoy. Week-wise learning sessions are updated for all students. Our experts never sleep! Subjects like geography, physical development, life skills, counting, healthy habits, Earth day activities, technology, emotional development, fine motor skills, educational videos and many more, you will find all under one roof.

"Being Father of 3, I rarely got time to do quality education stuff with my kids other than taking them to park or ride but now with ECDHUB I am learning new avenues to challenge their creative buzz. Thanks to wonderful concept and affordability "

Chris Norton
Review by Father

"Recently graduating from Lonestar in Montessori education I was struggling with finding creative activities for my classroom. Not only with ECDHUB I am connected with large group of teachers taking inspiration from their activities but also I dont have to worry about creating lesson plans, its such an amazing walkthrough!"

Julianna Robert
Review by Teacher

"Since the time we have started using ECDHUB we feel difference in grasp ability. Being mother of two age 2 and 6 I feel its everything under one roof for this price! Highly recommended specially in this Covid lockdown!"

Angie Williams
Review by Parent

ECDHUB's Learning Roadmap

For Kids Age 0-8 years, Innovation Learning that will game change how your child learns providing everything for just for price of a coffee cup, access to top 100 teachers and team of 70+ animation artist making cartoon based learning videos that your child loves attempting tests and move getting certificates tracking your child's progress!

Experts Producing Content for Kids

With over 100+ expert ECD teachers on board from top schools are producing content in wide range of subjects pertaining to early childhood development

Content for Dads

With everyone catered only dads are left out who is busy whole day trying to make quality living raising standards of family. Don't worry you are not left out ECDHUB will provide you quality educational activities you can do with kids getting contacted boosting their physical and mental abilities.

Content for Mothers

Being a new mom, you search and pay for quite many books, video learnings and find youtube stuff. You will never find such an amazing content that your child loves and making you quality time to your kid boosting his cognitive development

Reference for Teachers

Boost your day care and montessori quality of education standards by using award winning product, instead of searching for content on free channels get everything organized under one roof

Early Childhood Development Education - Award WInning Platform for Kids, Parents & Teachers

Boost your child's cognitive and motor skills development up to 272% through this award winning Early Childhood Education Development - ECDHUB. 20+ learning activity subjects including maths, science, life skills, healthy habits, counting numbers, technology, earth day activities, space exploration to name a few...