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Kids world is full of new things, new food, new faces, and new places. No wonder, children at young age are so curious regarding things around them and hence scientifically cognitive and motor skills development absorbance is at its peak. Today, our world is surrounded with technology but to-date one in all system was missing pertaining to early childhood development hence ECDHUB play its part.  All our content is highly based on research, Research suggests that interests developed in the early year’s plays an important role in deciding their future. 

Hence; we say, ECDHUB is SCIENTIFICALLY DIFFERENT than any other traditional learning platforms. Robots are used to introduce children with STEM Concepts in a playful and creative manner; which, encourages them to make further explorations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

ECDHUB is an award winning system, focused on developing early learning tools that enables children to learn with fun. It offers to develop your child’s Cognitive Skill, enabling them to have a winning edge in life. Backed by research, 100+ handpicked teachers making every day content, incorporating knowledge to boost Cognitive and Motor Skills of the child, thus providing quality in a reasonable price. 


Mode of Learning # 1:

Teacher Based Learning Videos: the world is a different place today with children having a shorter attention span. They need learning material that is more interactive to capture their attention and hold it. Hence, this segment has videos of 5 minutes each, enabling children to learn with fun. We believe in MORE FOR LESS!


Mode of Learning # 2:

Cartoon Based Animation Learning: children are born with leadership qualities, which makes them significant. Their dreams are big, and ECDHUB empowers them to dream bigger by showing exciting cartoon based videos on 20 + subjects. We enable your child to succeed by providing the Largest Early Childhood Education Library; covering subjects like STEM, Life Skills, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship for kid, Table Manners, Ethics, Culture and many more.

ECDHUB provides you with solutions for your child’s success in life. Once signed up, all you need is to ensure your child watches at least one lesson of 10 minutes a day. 

Only 5 – 10 minutes of this exciting audiovisual program will boost positive reinforcements, leading your child to certifications of 4 weeks, 16 weeks and bimonthly semesters from an early age. 

“Why Fit In, When You Are Born to Stand Out”, 

Print their certificates, hang it in their room, and give a pat on their back! This is the time when your child needs your support to build a habit that will change their life.

ECDHUB won as Top five edtech companies outranking 3800 companies in this year Silicon 2020 Competition and got featured in so many reputed journals; such as, National Geographic, Learning World, The Huffington Post, Wall Street and Silicon 2020 EdTech Company of the year! 

We have obtained first patent approved thru United States Patent Organization and soon launching full suite of Artificial Intelligence Early Childhood Series. This $5/month SAAS subscription is just the first step

Let’s work together to improve your child’s cognitive development at the right time. Stay connected, as we are on our way to introduce our First Patented ECD robot!

Yours Sincerely,

Yours Sincerely,

Founder & ECDHUB Team

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