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As we say ECDHUB is SCIENTIFICALLY DIFFERENT then any traditional learning platforms which offer you games only or long video classes which doesn't help your kids grasp content at this young age!

ECDHUB has invested quite much time learning early child psychology through experiments and literature and thats why we are different N award winning system when it comes to ECD. Backed by research, 100+ handpicked teachers making everyday content, affordable most to just a cup of coffee serving masses in this niche to boost Cognitive & Motor Skills for your kid

Mode of Learning #1. Teacher based learning videos - short lessons under 5 minutes as average retention time per kids is only 4.30 min being perfect turn-round time - All are videos are under this bracket. We believe in MORE FOR LESS!

Mode of Second Learning#2. Cartoon based animation learning, so their absorption is at peak while they watch cartoon based videos but simultaneously now learn something from 20 + subjects we have the Largest early childhood education library on Earth with subjects like STEM, Science, Maths, Life skills, Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship for Kids, Table manner, Ethics, Culture and many more - this is the best age to empower your kid and get them ahead in game. 90% world does it vice versa, they focus post college degree which is when cognitive develop room has disappeared!

Hope this helps you understand why we are different then traditional learning. Now since you've signed up we need your help and dedication in ensuring kids at-least watch one small lesson a day which takes just 10 minutes of your time.

With only 5-10 minutes with random activities will lead them to certifications i.e 4 weeks 16 weeks, semester, 6 monthly to boost positive reinforcement in them from this early age.

You can also print their certificates and hang in there room giving pat on their back! He is in an age where we needs your support to build a habit which will change his life and you will thank us for that.

Thats is why we have been featured on so many reputed platforms such as National Geographic Learning World, The Huffington Post, Wall Street and Silicon 2020 EdTech company of the year!

Hope this helps you! Together we work to make your child boost his cognitive development at this right age! - We are hopeful and have experienced it!

Stay tuned we are bringing our first patented ECD robots soon

Yours Sincerely,

Founder & ECDHUB Team

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