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View some of our ECDHUB coaches making every day content for kids, parents and teachers under 7 minute to avoid blue screen interaction and best absorption rate studies for kids


Julianna Robert (Review by Teacher)

Recently graduating from Lonestar in Montessori education I was struggling with finding creative activity for my classroom. Not only with ECDHUB I am connected to now large group of teachers replicating their activities but my performance and payrate is also raised. Thanks to ECDHUB coaches I am also excelling with my career!

Angie Williams (Review by Mother)

Since the time we have started using ECDHUB we feel difference in grasp ability. Being mother of two age 2 and 6 I feel its everything under one roof for this price! Highly recommended!

Chris Norton (Review by Father)

Being Father of 3, I rarely got time to do quality education stuff with my kids other than taking them to park or ride but now with ECDHUB I am learning new avenues to challenge their creative buzz. Thanks to wonderful concept and affordability