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Modern research suggests facilitating kids with right content by early age to boost their Cognitive & Motor Skills Development up to 272%

How ECDHUB is making difference?

In Feb 2020 - ECDHUB got featured across reputed media channels such as Market Watch, National Geographic Learning, Voyage Houston, Guiness World Record publications. We won Silicon Valley's prestigious 2020 EDTECH award outranking 3800 educational companies. 

In April 2020 - We decided to serve audience at large seeing Covid situation and opened our doors to developing countries making FREE education for ultra poor segment and lowered our cost from $99/year to just $5/month creating impact helping 770 million kids sitting home per UN report

In Dec 2020 - Our first ECD Robot got recognized and we got patent from United States Patent Office bringing soon as our prototype is under finalization for commercial use.

For every $60/yearly package you buy you do support 2 kids education in third world country where we are also building free schools providing laptop facility for kids to learn from in areas of Tajikistan, Africa and Pakistan. 

Julianna Robert (Review by Teacher)

Recently graduating from Lonestar in Montessori education I was struggling with finding creative activity for my classroom. Not only with ECDHUB I am connected to now large group of teachers replicating their activities but my performance and payrate is also raised. Thanks to ECDHUB coaches I am also excelling with my career!

Angie Williams (Review by Mother)

Since the time we have started using ECDHUB we feel difference in grasp ability. Being mother of two age 2 and 6 I feel its everything under one roof for this price! Highly recommended!

Chris Norton (Review by Father)

Being Father of 3, I rarely got time to do quality education stuff with my kids other than taking them to park or ride but now with ECDHUB I am learning new avenues to challenge their creative buzz. Thanks to wonderful concept and affordability