Overview ECDHUB and see how it helps boost over 272% cognitive development in kids 

Over 100+ best handpicked teachers along with 70+ cartoon animation artist making everyday innovative early childhood content week-wise, age wise and 20+ subject wise. Yes, we are not limited to STEM but one step ahead with rich content for kids up to 8 years old and now additionally for parents and teachers all inclusive. Platform includes everything from learning videos, lessons, quizzes, mini games along with certification and badges. 



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  • Unlimited learning lessons, cartoon based learning and teachers content, activities and lessons
  • Learning Lessons by 100+ Montessori experts from US and Canada schools making everyday content.
  • 20+ subjects by age, by week by subjects like Science, Maths, Engineering, Counting, Innovation, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship for Kids, Cognitive, Emotional Intelligence to name a few
  • Badges & Branded Certificates
  • Quizzes & exams every week
  • Request content on demand
  • ECDHUB global community (internal social network)
  • High Speed on Premium Server
  • Mobile app supporting phones & tablets
  • AD FREE Platform - Child Safe!

Example Showing Weekwise Content for Kids Age upto 8 years

Unlimited access to content by teachers and cartoon animation story videos along with Zoom Calls if your package allows!

Weekwise Content for Kids

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TEDx talks, Guinness World Record

Winner at Silicon Valley 2020 

Best Educational Platform for Kids as featured on National Geographic Learning, The Huffington Post, Voyage Houston, Business Journal, Chronicles to name a few as best educational award winning platform for Early Childhood Education used in 27 global countries.

Feedback from School Owner and Mother of TWO

Valeria Simons, Principal Generation Toddlers 


Innovative ECD Subjects to Choose From:

Unlimited access to content by teachers and cartoon animation story videos along with Zoom Calls if your package allows!

ECDHUB Learning Roadmap

Over 100+ handpick teachers making every day content for your kids, parents and school teachers. Request content on-demand as new addition!

Early Childhood Education Development

Reviews from Happy Customers

Used in 27+ countries 5000+ schools Aiming to reach million users changing how kids get education boosting their cognitive development and motor skills up to 272%

Angie Williams (Review by Mother)

Since the time we have started using ECDHUB we feel difference in grasp ability. Being mother of two age 2 and 6 I feel its everything under one roof for this price! Highly recommended!

Julianna Robert (Review by Teacher)

Recently graduating from Lonestar in Montessori education I was struggling with finding creative activity for my classroom. Not only with ECDHUB I am connected to now large group of teachers replicating their activities but my performance and payrate is also raised. Thanks to ECDHUB coaches I am also excelling with my career!

Chris Norton (Review by Father)

Being Father of 3, I rarely got time to do quality education stuff with my kids other than taking them to park or ride but now with ECDHUB I am learning new avenues to challenge their creative buzz. Thanks to wonderful concept and affordability